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M32-Mk3 MILPRO Electronic Communication Hearing Protector


Product Details:

The MilPro line of products aims to meet the expectations and requirements of professional military and law enforcement users, while being in a price-segment affordable for serious recreational shooters alike, making it a very interesting alternative to existing solutions in the market.

The MilPro features thick 3mm strong shells, a NRR 22 noise reduction rating, sealed heavy duty metal covers on the battery compartments, a tough-use microphone (M32 only) for adverse environments, gel padded ear cushions for increased comfort and positive seal, a shielding against electromagnetic interferences and an IP67 water resistance.

The Earmor ™ Hearing Protection Earmuff protects against dangerous noise at the same time allowing you to hear ambient sounds. Sounds are detected by two directional microphones and reproduced by the speakers inside the muffs.

The M32 provides audible protection in noisy areas with impulsive noise, such as firearms use zones. The microphones mounted in the earmuffs improve the situational awareness of the user, while allowing him to hear sounds from close surroundings and to protect his hearing. Harmful sounds are limited to a safe level of 82 dB, and the lower are amplified.

Key benefits of active hearing protectors:

  1. Quiet Mode-When the power is on, it can keep the electronic noise reduction while shielding the external natural environment sound
  2. Comfort Mode-suitable for car or indoor environment, preventing persistent echo
  3. Dialogue Mode-restore the real environmental sound, completely simulate normal human hearing
  4. Patrol Mode-Amplify the ambient sound appropriately to better perceive the surrounding environment
  5. Recon Mode-Maximize the amplification of surrounding environmental sounds, enhance hearing acuity, and make it easier to capture subtle sounds
  6. Allow you to normally hear and even enhance standard sounds: speech, commands, instructions, sounds from the environment
  7. Protect your hearing during shooting
  8. Strengthen standard sounds - with volume control they let you hear better than without earmuffs.

Meets the following Hearing Protection Standards: 

  • Australian Standard: AS/NZS 1270:2002

Product Features:

  • NRR 22 noise reduction rating, suppresses harmful noise above 82 dB
  • 5 adjustable sound mode options which help adapting to different environments
  • Durable 3mm thick high-strength ABS plastic shell
  • 4 hours auto shut-off mechanism and low battery alert
  • Runs on 2x 1.5V AAA batteries, approximately 400h standby time
  • Sealed heavy duty metal battery compartment covers
  • Hold power button for 3 seconds to power on/off in order to avoid unwanted manipulation
  • Sealed silicone ear cushions, comfortable for long-term wear
  • Environmental compatibility according to MIL-STD-810G testing standard
  • EMI/RFI shielding designed and tested in military standards MIL-STD-416 (electromagnetic interference filtering)
  • IP67 water resistant
  • Complies with CE / RoSH / FCC standards

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