With over 20 years experience serving on the front line in the Military, Police and Fire Brigade, John, the co-founder of Frontline Safety, understands the crucial impact that the right fire rescue apparel and gear have on getting the job done. With the highest industry standards in mind, we have engineered a range of fire and rescue clothing.

From fire rescue pants to shirts, t-shirts, coveralls, right down to fire rescue socks, Frontline Safety has taken the time to design fire and rescue apparel from the best fabrics, in the most suitable shapes and to include all the necessary features. 

Fire rescue clothing made from industry-leading fabric

Providing unparalleled fire protection, our fire and rescue apparel is designed from PBI Matrix Gold fabric. Made from a blend of thread with Polybenzimidazole and antistatic fibres, this fabric is one of the top choices across the fire rescue clothing industry. 

Designed with function and durability in mind

By combining the top fire rescue fabrics and athletic 3D patterns, moving around in our fire and rescue apparel is easy. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, our fire coveralls, pants and jackets are tapered and ergonomically designed without any unnecessary bulky fabric — making our fire rescue clothing extremely functional and durable.

Fully-featured fire and rescue apparel

With double front zippers with internal zip guards to protect the throat area, extra-large side pockets, curved sleeves for additional hand protection as well as various other thoughtful features, our firefighting jackets and other fire rescue clothing have been designed to support and protect those on the front line as much as possible. 

Find the top fire rescue clothing in Australia

If you’re looking for well-designed fire and rescue apparel made from industry-leading fabric, Frontline Safety has just what you need. 

For more information about our range of fire rescue clothing, don’t hesitate to contact us via our enquiry form. 

AS/NZS4602.1-2011 High Visibility Safety Garments   AS/NZS4967-2009 Protective Clothing for Fire Fighters Requirements and test method for protective clothing used in structural fire fighting.   AS/NZS1906.4-2011 Retro-reflective...
AS/NZS4602.1-2011 HighVisibility Safety Garments   AS/NZS4967-2009 ProtectiveClothing for Fire Fighters Requirementsand test method for protective clothing used in structural fire fighting.   AS/NZS1906.4-2011 Retro-reflectivematerials...
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