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M32 Electronic Communication Hearing Protector


Product Details:

The Earmor ™ Hearing Protection Earmuff protects against dangerous noise at the same time allowing you to hear ambient sounds. Sounds are detected by two directional microphones and reproduced by the speakers inside the muffs.

The M32 provides audible protection in noisy areas with impulsive noise, such as firearms use zones. The microphones mounted in the earmuffs improve the situational awareness of the user, while allowing him to hear sounds from close surroundings and to protect his hearing. Harmful sounds are limited to a safe level of 82 dB, and the lower are amplified.

Featuring audible protection specifically designed for areas with impulsive noise such as firearms use zones, the M32 offers unparalleled safety. The strategically mounted microphones enhance situational awareness by allowing you to hear nearby sounds while keeping your hearing shielded. Dangerous sounds are capped at a safe 82 dB level, while lower sounds are amplified, providing you with optimal noise control.

Key benefits of this advanced tactical headset include:

  • Hearing Clarity: Enables you to hear standard sounds like speech, commands, and environmental noises, and even enhances them.
  • Hearing Protection During Shooting: Essential for safeguarding your hearing in shooting environments.
  • Enhanced Sound Amplification: With volume control, hear better than without earmuffs, allowing you to respond faster in critical situations.

The modernized Mod 4 version of this noise canceling headset features:

  • New threads for effortless unscrewing
  • 3-second button delay to prevent accidental turn-offs
  • Silicon slings for battery compartment caps
  • Dynamic voice tracking for clear communication
  • Increased RF immunity for reliability
  • Improved headphone case materials for durability
  • Updated circuit boards and dynamic microphones for enhanced performance

Meets the following Hearing Protection Standards:

  • Australian Standard: AS/NZS 1270:2002

Product Features:

  • Low profile cup design
  • Nexus TP-120 U-174 Military Connector (NATO STD) for PTTs
  • Noise reduction rating + NRR22
  • Amplifies low-level sounds
  • Suppresses harmful noise above 82 dB
  • Detachable ambidextrous microphone
  • Headband with Velcro for easy to fix accessories and replace
  • EMI/RFI shielding, increased RF immunity for EMI environment
  • Conformable ear cushions for tight seal
  • 3mm thick high-impact resistant polycarbonate shell
  • Dynamic voice tracking, improve speech intelligibility
  • Foldable for storage and protection
  • IPX-5 water resistant
  • Runs on 2x1.5V AAA batteries, approx. 350 hours of operation
  • 4 hours auto shut-off mechanism


  • NRR (ANSI): 22 dB
  • Power supply: 2 x AAA
  • Estimated battery life: ~350 hours
  • Compliant with CE / RoSH / ANSI S3.19-1974 standards
  • Waterproof: IPX-5
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 400g

M32 Electronic Communication Hearing Protector Reviews

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Really good / nearly great

Posted by David on 17th Oct 2023

I bought this headset a few weeks ago as a replacement for lost a Peltor set.
Good clamping force and seals well.
Very clear audio with medium volume but not super hearing like some and is subjective.
Love the style.
I did not need the comms setup for the range but was happy to keep it for when I needed it. The problem was though the mic is a simple jack to pull out the power lead is soldered to the board inside the ear cup. I did not have a soldering station to remove this and had to snip the wires.
There is however plenty of wire internally and will add a jack later.

Overall I still would have bought them as they are affordable and work really well.
I wore them to a 2 day event and I shoot a major power factor race pistol that makes a racket and all was well.
Just be aware of the power lead.

M32 Hearing Protection

Posted by JP on 20th Jul 2023

Appears to be good, have utilised at the range, and moderates the sound of firing to an acceptable level. No comment on longevity or battery life yet.

Great headphones !

Posted by Peter Holliday on 5th Jan 2022

Got these headphones for a gellball Milsim, They work well and are easy to use. The best part of them was the ordering experience , ordered them on the Tuesday before Xmas got them on Thursday. In this instance Express really means express ! Top marks to the process too, you can track the progress of your order on the SHOP app that also integrates with the Aus Post App ! #seamless