Frontline Safety Australia is dedicated to providing strong, high-quality apparel for men and women serving in frontline roles, including the military, law enforcement, security, fire brigade, and corrective services.. We supply a wide range of field jacketstactical jackets, and marine jackets. Our jackets are specially designed to withstand the demands of urban, desert, rural, and marine environments. 

With almost 20 years of experience in the apparel industry, we've established ourselves as a trusted source for the best military tactical jackets in Australia. This reflects our hands-on experience, industry expertise, and commitment to sourcing apparel exclusively from trusted brands. 

Find a durable tactical jacket that matches your needs

Our jackets come in a variety of styles and designs, optimised for your needs. These include our protective fire fighting jacket,  tactical softshell jacket, lightweight overjacket and pants, and much more. They also come in multiple colours and prints, such as black, tan, blue, dark navy, and multicam.

Our range of jackets feature a number of essential features, and are waterproof, wind-resistant, and breathable, with multiple pockets. Some of our jackets also have adjustable velcro cuffs and side-zips for access to your duty belt and holster.

Our men's tactical jackets are sourced from trusted brands 

Any apparel you order from Frontline Safety is guaranteed to be of excellent quality, whether you're ordering an army tactical jacket or one of our warm tactical fleece jackets. We only stock apparel and equipment from trusted brands that meet our high standards in terms of craftsmanship, such as Vertx and Frontline.

Buy quality tactical jackets online from Frontline Safety

You can count on Frontline Safety to provide you with professionally made jackets that are protective, functional, and built to last. Our jackets pair well with the rest of our Australian gear, including combat pants, bags, and belts. We encourage you to look through our website to find the right attire for your needs. You can place your order online for fast delivery, straight to your door. If you need assistance, get in touch with us or fill out our online enquiry form.

AS/NZS4602.1-2011 High Visibility Safety Garments   AS/NZS4967-2009 Protective Clothing for Fire Fighters Requirements and test method for protective clothing used in structural fire fighting.   AS/NZS1906.4-2011 Retro-reflective...
Frontline’s Alpine Overjacket and Overpants in Snow camo provide full body concealment in a lightweight, low bulk package. This complete set is easily stowed into a pocket on the jacket ready for use. The lightweight water repellent fabric stays...
$159.95 $119.00
Product Details:This stylish jacket is comfortable enough for everyday wear, yet professional enough for on-the-job. Short enough to ride above your duty belt, with a side zipper for almost instant accessibility to your sidearm and other equipment. This...
$119.00 $99.00
Product Features: Water resistant and windproof Two vertical chest pockets Two waist pockets Two upper sleeve pockets Drawstring waist Adjustable velcro cuffs Available in Black and Dark Navy M - 2XL