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Tri-Fold Flex Cuff w/ Pull Ring


Includes Tri-Fold Flex Cuff and Pull Ring only.
Flex Cuff Case (pictured) NOT Included, sold separately.

Tri-Fold Flex Cuff w/ Pull Ring Reviews

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Solid Cuffs

Posted by L N on 8th Dec 2021

Bought a few of these for training purposes. They are essentially just two giant zip-ties that are bound together via a central locking block. They are a carbon copy of the ASP Tri-Folds just without the stopping lock (the button that would stop them from going tighter). They fold up easily into a carrier and are easily deployed. The only downside is that the pull-ring can be easily lost as it doesn't lock into the cuffs very securely, but that's only once they're deployed and tightened somewhat. If left with the pull-ring close to the locking block, they won't all out.