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Medical Disposable Coverall


TheFrontline Medical Disposable Coverall is designed to help protect againstliquids, hazardous particles, liquid splashes. The coverall has anti-static propertiesand offers protection from a range of biohazard contaminants.

Manufacturedto highest sterile levels. The 3 layer laminated construction features anon-woven outer, membrane film, and non-woven inner.

The high-performancefabric provides 99% filtration efficiency, while also being breathable forcomfort.


• Durablespun bonded non-woven outer layer

•Anti-static coating on both sides

• Oversizedand easy to wear with tight sealed face, hand, leg opening

•Elasticated waist and ankles for increased wearer comfort and freedom ofmovement

• Threepanel hood design to be compatibility with other complementary PPE

• Two-wayzipper with sealable storm flap

• Tapedseams provide additional protection

• Additionaldouble pressing on critical seams for durability

• Class 100,000Clean Workshop

• EthyleneOxide sterilisation


• Mainfabric is made from Polypropylene/Polyethylene Laminate Film, White colour

• Plasticcoil Zipper

• Elastic:Neoprene Rubber

• Cuffs:Polyester

• Thread:Polyester

• Seams:Polypropylene

• Thisproduct does not contain components made from silicone or rubber latex


MeetsInternational Standards:

• Manufacturedand certified to: GB19082-2009 For Medical disposable protective clothingtechnical requirements

• Class 100,000Clean Workshop

• LiquidProtection: Type 4 (EN 14605) and Type 6 (EN 13034)

• Whole suitreduced spray test (EN ISO 17491-4)

• Anti-staticcoating on both sides, <0.6μC/member (EN 1149-1:2006/ EN 1149-5:2008)

• BloodPenetration Resistance, ISO 16603 Class 6

• MeetsBiohazard ASTM F1670-98 Standard Test Method for Resistance of Materials Usedin Protective Clothing to Penetration by Synthetic Blood

•Contaminated Solid Particle Penetration Resistance, EN ISO 22612 Class 3

• Waterproof Hydrostatic Resistance ASTM D751, 1.67kPa  Procedure B >1700 mm

• Repellencyto Liquids, EN ISO 6530, Class 3

• LiquidPenetration, EN ISO 6530, Class 3

• Watervapor permeability 2500g/(m2-d)

• PunctureResistance ASTM D2582 (MD/CD) 45 N / 26N EN 863 Class 1

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