Our extensive product range caters specifically for the operational athlete working in extreme urban, rural and marine environments.

We don’t negotiate on quality – our products undergo rigorous testing and we go beyond compliance to ensure the highest standards and ethics in materials and workmanship.

Where possible, our products are held in stock for immediate delivery, and all products are backed by a full warranty, serviced in country.

Oeko-Tex 100 Certified Fabrics

We have recently introduced our CPX and HPX High Performance Range of apparel featuring fabrics that are Oeko-Tex 100 Certified. Oeko-Tex 100 fabrics are well suited to next to skin garments as they are free from harmful chemicals or dyes that could enter your body through the open pores in your skin.

This issue of next to skin clothing is increased for tight fitting clothing or clothing that is pressed onto the skin because of body armour or load carriage equipment which may increase the risk of absorbing chemicals from the clothing.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is an independent product label for all types of textiles tested for harmful substances – from yarns and fabrics, to the ready-to-use items that you can buy in the shops. This internationally renowned standard means greater customer confidence when wearing textiles. With so many cheaply dyed fabrics on the market we believe our clients should feel safe that our products do not contain harmful dyes or chemicals.

Harmful dyes and chemicals in clothing have been proven to be a medical risk to humans and many countries have regulated and restricted their use in clothing. Australia has no such binding regulation currently.




Signature Reduction Technology (SRT)

Frontline offers a range of custom garments and field gear in specialised fabrics that reduce the signature of an item to a background similar to the surrounding environment. This is done by using special dyes and blends within the fabric. Signature reduction technology goes beyond the current visual and near infrared range (NIR) to provide concealment in the mid wave infrared range (MWIR) and long wave infrared range (LWIR) thus reducing the risk of detection from thermal infrared imagers.

SRT camouflage technology can be incorporated into a variety of fabrics that can offer military and law enforcement personnel with better concealment and improved survivability in the battlespace. For example, Combat Uniforms, Bivy Bags, Sleeping Mats, Hoochies and Shelters, can all be customised in SRT fabrics to produce an item that blends with the surrounding environment and reduce the signature of that item in the field.

Frontline is committed to improved soldier survivability and can deliver and agile, responsive solution in the SRT space. For more information on products incorporating Signature Reduction Technology contact our Product Development Team here.

(Note: Government & Military inquiries only. SRT products are not available for individual sales.)