With 24 years in the military equipment and apparel industry, Frontline Safety has a proven track record in supplying high quality, robust, and reliable equipment to military, law enforcement, and emergency service first response teams.

Australian owned and operated, Frontline started in humble beginnings in 2000, in response to a need for quality protective apparel for police during training and in the field.

CEO and Director of Business Development, Jenny Hoffman started out as a Physiotherapist working in Injury Management and Occupational Rehabilitation. At the time, her husband John was in the Police Force and she became aware of the risks involved in operational policing and the need for good equipment. Her strong interest in workplace health and safety, and injury prevention, coupled with John’s involvement as an Instructor in the Operational Safety Training and Tactics Unit, led to many discussions about the role better quality equipment and uniforms could play in improving police performance and preventing injury.

Director of Product Development and co-founder, John Hoffman, began his career as a soldier in the Australian Defence Force, serving on a number of international deployments. After completing his undergraduate degree, he joined the Police Force where he worked in General Duties, Operational Safety Training, and other specialist units. Later he served as a Retained Firefighter with Fire & Rescue for 10 years.

John’s field experience in the combat environment, and as a first responder, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the development and refinement of specialised equipment and apparel for those on the front line.



Operational duties and combat environments call for the highest standards in quality, adaptability and know-how, and our holistic approach to manufacturing and supply ensures competence lives in every aspect of our performance. It’s not just our agile approach, but the attitude, knowledge, and real-life experience that we bring to every step.

Frontline products are designed to stand up to the harsh extremes of operational deployment and undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance to the highest standards of materials and workmanship.

We stand for service and personal excellence in every aspect. We pride ourselves on agile, competent, and prompt service to our customers. Ultimately, we’re here to serve those who put their lives at risk for us every day.

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