For over 30 years we have lived in, experienced, developed and refined specialised equipment and apparel for those on the front line. We know there are no shortcuts, no easy roads and no accolades on the journey to greatness. It’s a choice, an attitude and a commitment we make to ourselves.

It’s not about the moment you do something heroic, it’s about the hundreds of moments in between.

Excellence is a habit.

We make our beds, tuck in our shirts, follow through on commitments and then get on with engineering outstanding products we’d be proud and confident to wear.

We stand for service and personal excellence in every aspect. Ultimately, we’re here to serve those who put their lives at risk for us every day. 


Our values are defined as  TACTICS:


We are open, honest, and consistent.


We identify and analyse problems, consider alternatives, make sound decisions and commit to a course of action.


We listen and understand needs so we not only meet but exceed customer expectations.


We’re not interested in the limelight, our focus is on the outcome, together.


We question the way things are done, learn from mistakes, and generate new ideas to improve the status quo.


We are clear and transparent. We say what we mean and we mean what we say.


We are proactive, focused, organised and follow through to completion.