Extreme duties and environments call for extreme quality, adaptability and know-how, and our holistic approach ensures competence lives in every fibre at Frontline. It’s not just our agile approach, but the attitude, knowledge and real-life experience we bring to every step.

Flexible Ordering

We understand every company has unique needs, and we’re structured and equipped to meet them. Our online customer portal, together with our receptive team, provide order visibility, simplicity, customisation, scalability and support.

Adaptive Product Development

Our gear isn’t one size fits all. We apply specialist insight and understanding of the exact needs and constraints of operational gear, and tailor solutions to achieve specific outcomes. We’ve been designing and developing customised operational gear for over 15 years. Our process applies insight, exploration, ingenuity and responsiveness to ensure the right needs are met, every time.

Total Logistics Management

We focus on delivering exactly what you need, when you need it. We reduce complexity through unified inventory management, warehousing, dispatch and reporting.

Integrity in Manufacturing

Quality products aren’t just about design and durability. We go further to ensure integrity in the entire manufacturing process. From ethical sourcing and environmentally conscious materials, right through to robust testing and iteration, we take a proactive approach to ensure integrity in our products, processes and people.

Enduring Value

Good partnerships accelerate innovation, progress and value. Our specialist knowledge and experience combined with our agile approach ensures our clients empower their operators with the ultimate tailored gear in the most efficient way possible.