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Pure Hydration Survivor Inline Filter Personal Water Purifier


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One of the world’s most effective and efficient inline water filters. A simple and compact IWP system (Individual Water Purification) which allows you to produce clean drinking water from a contaminated water source in an emergency situation. Use on rivers, streams, lakes, rock pools, standing or stagnant water. NO chemicals required, NO waiting time, NO moving parts.

Instant virus level protection.

The technology inside the engineered case is pretty impressive, but more importantly it has been tested and proven to stop the contaminants that could otherwise enter your body in the water you drink

The M.A.D.® (Mechanically Advanced Disinfection) technology removes 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, cysts, without the need for electric power or chemicals.

The technology consists of a three layer laminate core which contains up to 400 layers of pores between high surface area (less than 500m2/g), sub-micron, charged nano-alumina fibers, Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) and antimicrobial silver impregnated zeolites.

The void space (mean size 1.25 microns) allows for a higher water flow rates and a lower pressure drop off.

Easily stowed and carried inside pouches/packs the system is quick and easy to setup and use.

Integrate with the various hydration bladder and water bottle.

InLine purifier is a personal water purifier which is capable of quickly turning up to 750 litres of potentially contaminated water into clear, clean, safe drinking water.

Used as a ‘group system’ it can produce water under gravity and can fill water containers e.g. canteens and hydration systems.

-1x Filter

-2x Connectors

-1x Tube 15cm

1 x printed Instructions


Meets all standards in accordance MIL-STD810G, Method 516.6, Procedure IV

  • Our Survivor Purifier meets and exceeds US EPA – Guide Standard for Microbiological Water Purifiers testing protocols – US compliance Environmental Protection Agency – EPA’s Microbiological Reduction requirements as shown in the US National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (http://epa.gov/safewater/mcl.html) under the Safe Drinking Water Act
  • UK compliance – Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000
  • EU compliance – European Drinking Water Directive Council Directive 98/83/EC
  • Tested & approved for use by the UK MOD
  • The only purifier product fully endorsed by the the Hospital of Tropical Diseases London
  • Compatible with all good brands of hydration systems inc. - Source™, Platypus™, Blackhawk™, Camelbak™, Aquasak™


Weighs only 99g & 115 mm ) inlength

Purifier rated at approx. 750L

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